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April 23, 2018
Mobile Secret Passenger is testing S7 Airlines service quality

The Secret Passenger mobile app helps S7 Airlines check the quality of services provided using reliable data swiftly and entirety. Any passenger can evaluate service quality right during the flight. The app working logics is tied to travel data by the booking number. The individual questionnaire is based on it. The app will ask passengers about their impressions in the right moment, and only about the services they use. We collect digital data right in the moment of the event. Each question block is available only during certain time. This helps get the person while they still remember everything, and minimize unconscientious attitude to participation. The first question section about buying tickets gets unlocked a day before the flight, and the last questions can be answered only after the arrival. Check-in related questions will appear 3 hours prior to departure, while questions about food on board will pop-up during the flight. The Secret Passenger is a mobile tool which enables receiving reliable service feedback and process personal appeals promptly. All answers are uploaded to the database; due to them it is possible to trace patterns and get any type of analysis. And if some figures have changed significantly, for example, since the beginning of the year -- the situation can be checked and responded swiftly. With the app, the airline collects data quickly and reliably. It can also target an audience and ask specific passengers, for example, frequent business class passengers. The app can be bound to the loyalty system easily to motivate passengers to participate and award bonus points or miles for answers. If desired, the Secret Passenger can be integrated into the S7 Airlines main passenger app. Secret Passenger app is available for iOS and Android-based smartphones.

March 20, 2018
VSK mobile app will help issue comprehensive car insurance certificate quickly

A new version of VSK client mobile app developed by EastBanc Technologies enables performing car self-inspection to purchase a comprehensive car insurance certificate. Having added this function, the insurance company made the app public, and now the remote services are available to all VSK retail clients. Car self-inspection for comprehensive car insurance purchase via the app has replaced a live meeting with an insurance agent. Thus, the app saves clients' an insurance company staff time, accelerating a new certificate processing. In the next step, the app will be added with the entire process of comprehensive car insurance purchase, including price calculation, driver document uploading and payment. At the end of the process, the insurance certificate will be sent in PDF format. Aside from this, the app also enables evaluating and buying insurance certificates: third party liability insurance, voluntary health insurance, accident insurance, travel and property insurance. In the client's personal account, it is possible to find information about all the certificates purchased via the VSK online store. The client can contact the insurance company from any place all over the world urgently, and get a step-by-step instruction on what to do in case of an insured event. The VSK app was released in 2017, and it was first tested by the insurer's corporate client staff. Since February 2018, the app is available to all existing and new clients.  The app in iTunes  The app in Google Play

March 5, 2018
IngoMobile app is the best, experts say

Our IngoMobile app for Ingosstrakh won the annual Golden App 2017. We were recognized the best in three categories: Best Consumer App (b2c), Best App Design, and Finances, Banks, Insurance; and won the second prize in the Best Usability/App UX category. In February 2018 an updated app version was released which offered clients a revolutionary and currently unique on Russian market service  for comprehensive car insurance — self-inspection. The client just needs to calculate the insurance certificate price, take photos of the documents and the car from different angles, upload the photos, and get into a direct video chat with an Ingosstrakh employee who will inspect the car remotely — all of it via the app. After paying, the client gets the certificate by email. Aside from this, the app allows clients to review their current and archived certificates, apply for an insurance price calculation, find the nearest Ingosstrakh branches on the city map, get in touch with the company and get a detailed action plan for an insured event, and lots more. In the app, one can buy the third party liability insurance, foreign and domestic travel insurance, property and liability insurance online. The app will remind about the renewal date and further payment date via push-notifications.   The first version of the IngoMobile app was released in 2011. In 2015, Ingosstrakh together with EastBanc Technologies were the first in the market to launch comprehensive car insurance inspection via mobile app as a tool for insurance agents; now the car inspection for comprehensive car insurance via mobile app is also available to car owners. The Golden Website and Golden App joint competition is the key and the oldest Internet project competition in RuNet. Since 1997, the independent jury of the competition headed by people like Artemy Lebedev, Anton Nosik, Alex Exler, Sergei Plugotarenko and other Runet stars awards the Golden Cybermaster figurines to the most dignified projects. In 2014, the contest was relaunched featuring Mikhail Vakhterov (the contest's founder and ideologist), the Russian Association of Electronic Communications (RAEC), and the RUWARD project group.

February 6, 2018
Creating a complex solution for training Imperial Tobacco field staff

EastBanc Technologies is developing a solution for training and evaluation of field employees' skills for the international tobacco company Imperial Tobacco. The complex solution consists of a web-portal and an iPad app. It is intended to support training and professional development of field staff, as well as for certification, audit, and evaluation of staff competencies. In addition, the solution can quickly collect additional information for the needs of marketing, logistics, product and HR departments of the company. The portal will allow supervisors and their managers to plan activities for a week efficiently, schedule employee guidance in sales outlets for training, certification, and audits. As a result, the managers will receive detailed reports in a convenient medium to analyze dynamics of staff development. Also, the portal will enable creating and distributing surveys, and editing questionnaires for guidance, certification and audits. The mobile app will help a supervisor to conduct merchandiser training while guiding them on their territory to develop core competencies and follow the company standards, and in the future — to evaluate the development dynamics through certification, and to audit outlets for general assessment of the employee's performance results. In the course of work, a supervisor uses formalized questionnaires and relies on data about the employees' strengths and weaknesses, and the development goals previously set. The questionnaire can be supplied with photos and comments, which will help to give more consistent feedback on the performance quality and the competence level. To ensure a continuous learning process, the supervisor sets new goals after each guidance; evaluates strengths and weaknesses of the merchandiser. Later on, during the next training the supervisor will focus on these tasks. This enables consistent development of the merchandiser's professional competence, and continuous monitoring their adherence to the company standards. So, the complex solution provides systematic and continuous training of field staff, and monitoring compliance with the standards. It will allow to see the overall picture of the field staff performance indicators, and to collect important data about the market and the competitors' activities.

January 30, 2018
Mobile Register shrinks S7 Airlines airport queues

The passenger mobile registration kit has successfully passed testing, and works now in the check-in area of S7 Airlines flights in the airline's main airports, including Domodedovo. It helps to reduce queues to check-in swiftly and flexibly. Since October 2017, when the service testing began, more than 10 thousand passengers have enjoyed its convenience. The Mobile Register solution was developed by EastBanc Technologies specially for S7 Airlines. The kit consists of a smartphone with the mobile app, a fiscal printer, and a card reader. The mobile kit enables an employee to register passengers for a flight and to issue additional services: luggage, seat upgrade, upgrade to the business class. The mobile app recognizes tickets via QR codes, and interacts with the Departure Control System; it's integrated with a fiscal printer and a card reader for cashless payments. Boarding coupons and checks are printed with the fiscal printer. The full registration procedure including the additional sale processing takes no more than 1.5 minutes. It all happens in the passenger registration area with no necessity to be in the stationary sales office. So, if a passenger travels with no luggage, they can quickly register for the flight, pay for the services required, for instance, upgrade the on-board service class, and get the boarding pass, saving the time which would be otherwise spent in the queue to the check-in desk. In the meanwhile, passengers who have checked-in for the flight online, don't have to worry about printing out the boarding pass by themselves. The solution suits large airports with irregular check-in service load as well as smaller ones, where the airline has a very limited number of check-in desks, and the cashier to pay for the services can be located far from the registration area. "The results of the first months of additional employees' work at airports let us speak about high efficiency of the solution. Thanks to it, we've managed to increase the speed of flight check-in significantly, which, of course, leads to positive feedback from passengers. Every day only at Moscow Domodedovo airport, an average of 250 passengers use this unique service," said Svetlana Kulyukina, director of the S7 Group passenger experience department. In different periods, Mobile Register has been used at airports of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Ekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, and Irkutsk.

December 13, 2017
New mobile app released for Ingosstrakh clients

We've resealed fully updated iOS and Android versions of IngoMobile mobile app for existing and new clients of Ingosstrakh. The new app's functions enable calculating, executing, and prolonging insurance certificates without visiting the office. Via the IngoMobile mobile app, individuals can purchase comprehensive car insurance, travel insurance, apply for a certificate, and insure property, mortgage, health. The insurance company clients can view their certificates for all types of insurance; they can make a payment and prolong a certificate. To reduce new certificate processing time, the app automatically recognizes passport data, car documents, and driver's license. The app also saves previously entered data on drivers, cars, and trips in the profile, allowing to use the data for a future purchase. All the functions are implemented natively taking into account the best practices of usability, i.e., it is not required to visit the company website to complete the operation. For quick logon, the solution supports entry via Touch ID and Face ID. Along with the app, Ingosstrakh staff have received the app administrator portal, which they can use to modify the content, customize promos, and create individual customer apps. The next version of the app will include a function of car self-inspection for comprehensive car insurance purchase without visiting the insurance company office. App in iTunes  App in Google Play

November 24, 2017
Solution developed for EFKO merchandisers and supervisors

EastBanc Technologies has developed a solution for EFKO company group brand product distribution quality control. The solution based on the portal and a mobile app will assist merchandisers and supervisors in the shelf share assessment, checking SKU and POSM presence, and working with the product layout. EFKO is Russia's biggest producer of process-specialized fats used in the confectionery, bakery, and other food industries. It's known for brands of mayonnaise, vegetable oil, and ketchups Sloboda and Altero. The mobile app downloads a route with a list of shops, each of them supplied with information on the categories and brands distributed, SKU events, and conditions of the product layout. Merchandisers and supervisors guided by a step-by-step instruction fulfill their assignment in the shop, and record each indicator result, confirming it with a photo-report. In case of defects, absence of POSM or other failures, the employee can create an incident via the app, and receive a prompt feedback. The portal enables managing quality distribution indicators, creating routes for visiting considering the shop's format and location, merchandisers' workload, and other performance targets. Managers have received a tool for prompt situation monitoring, overseeing and evaluating merchandisers' and other services' performance. They receive operational data about issues in logistics, marketing event course, and contract term execution. Now the solution is under a pilot trial in Voronezh where the company HQ is located. By the end of the year, we are going to have launched the mobile app in Moscow and other regions of Russia.

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