About Our Company

We create

corporate solutions for the leading companies of
Russia and World since 2004

We love

unique projects and constantly expand our level of expertise

We change

corporate mobility into essential working tool

We transform

business processes of customer and partner relationship

How we work

We take full responsibility for the project – from business analysis to implementation and technical support. The source code and intellectual property rights are passed to the client.
For that purpose we have highly qualified analysts, UX/UI designers, software developers, QA engineers, and infrastructure engineers – totally 100 people in our team.

How we differ

Our goal is to solve business task set by the client.

We measure the results by the benefits our clients get: saved money, optimized personnel, and growing profit. We meet the deadlines and provide high quality of work. Our clients pay for the result, not for the time input.

Our competence

Our competence in Microsoft technologies allows us to create solutions easily integrated into the existing IT ecosystems of our clients. With our Java expertise we can build up web-solutions of any complexity. As for the experience in iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, it helps us to implement mobile solutions by the requests of our clients.


Our team

Dmitry Talochkin


Dmitry Belkov

Business Development Director

Alexander Popov

Head of Sales Department

Vadim Chesnokov

Head of Mobile Technologies Department

Yuri Grishkin

Head of Microsoft Technologies Department

Yuri Bulkin

Chief Java Architect

George Sidorov

Chief .NET Architect

Dmitry Khromenko

Head of Infrastructure Projects

Dina Milstein

Head of Design Department

Alexandra Ocheretinskaya

Head of Project Management Office

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